Platinum Fireworks Safety Guidelines

Firework Choice

Platinum Fireworks sell both Category F2 and Category F3 Fireworks and although they are essentially the same the key difference is F2 fireworks are more suitable when space is limited. Category F3 fireworks should only be used when you have at least 25m of space. Although F2 fireworks can be used with less space but don’t let that fool you, Platinum fireworks use many F2 fireworks in our displays all year round.


Regardless of how many fireworks you intend to light, you should always prepare for the event. Some useful tips include

Space – do you have enough space to light the fireworks and retreat?

Fallout – do you have enough room to prevent the firework debris from reaching your audience?

Protection – it is our advice to wear safety goggles and protective gloves when lighting fireworks as a minimum, we are happy to recommend brands and our favourites.

Lighting – do you have enough lighting, again we recommend the use of a head torch.

Weather – If it is looking likely to rain consider ‘waterproofing’ your fireworks, placing a carrier bag or black sack over the fireworks is a cheap way to do this.

Instructions & Security

Always read the instructions, most fireworks will behave differently to others. Some cakes not only fire straight up but also fires to the side at angles, always follow the instructions to ensure your fireworks is facing the correct way.

Fireworks Site

Always follow the instructions for securing the fireworks. Cakes, candles and mines should be buried in soft ground or if you wish you can use strong wooden stakes to secure them, we recommend at least 2 stakes front and back and then securing the firework to the stakes with a strong gaffa tape. If only using one stake make sure this is at the FRONT of the fireworks, this will help prevent the firework from tipping towards the audience.

Try to prevent anyone else from coming near the area where you are lighting the fireworks from, maybe put up a barrier, again ensure the area is well lit to prevent this from happening.

If you can have a fire extinguisher available, if not have your garden house as close as possible.

Lighting of Fireworks

Try to use Portfires to light your fireworks, Platinum provide them free of charge with all of our packages and for a small fee you can purchase separately.

NEVER lean over a firework, always light from an arm’s length.

NEVER put fireworks in your pocket

Once the firework has been lit retreat to a safe distance.


Types of Fireworks

Cakes / Barrages

Cakes can consist of a few shots all the way to several hundred and can fire in various patterns such as straight, left to right or fanned. Cakes also come in various tube sizes from as little as 10mm up to 30mm per tube. Newer cakes can be fused together to produce a longer lasting cake with various effects, instructions should always be followed when firing cakes.


Rockets consist of two key parts, first the Motor or Lift charge which propels the rocket into the sky. Then the explosive head is what contains the various effects which explode in the sky. Effects such as Gold Brocade and Strobing effects are available as well as Heart or Smiley face shape. Rockets should always be fired from the tube provided and it is very important to make sure the rocket stick is free to move in the tube.


Fountains come in various shapes and sizes and produce showers of sparks crackles and whistles. Some fountains are multi stage and when you think the fountain has finished another effect will start so always read the packing to see what type of fountain you have.


Mines effectively lift all of there powder at once, some can be very powerful and surprising so make sure enough room is available before using mines, also ensure mines are secured to the ground before lighting.

Roman Candles

Roman Candles eject multipe effects from either a single tube or smaller tubes fused together. Candles should always be secured before firing either by burying in the ground or securing with a wooden stake and gaffa tape.

Catherine Wheels

Catherine wheels are made from several fountains that when lit cause the wheel to spin and create various effect, Wheels should be secured to a wooden post with a nail but you should ensure the wheel is free to spin on its own before lighting.

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